Social Mining Welcome Guide

Quick Introduction to Social mining and how it works
Welcome to Social Mining alpha 1.0. Social Mining is world's first ecosystem plugin to help build decentralized autonomous organizations. This Git-book will help users optimize their earnings and improve their experience with social mining.

What is social Mining?

Social mining is the idea that users that can help to build an open source crypto currency ecosystem, should be rewarded in its native currency. It is essentially a plugin solution for any blockchain to support it on it's way to become a decentralized autonomous organization.
Social mining is build on the principle that any users can upload and describe the work, that they have done for the ecosystem. This work is validated by other community members, following set incentives.
Both, workers and validators are then rewarded in points, influence and reputation, which is then translated into tokens at the end of the month. These rewards can vary from a few cents to a few thousand dollars rewarding very active members a full salary.
(Disclaimer: Exact payouts depends on many different factors and may vary a lot from project to project, depending on how much tokens are being allocated to social mining).

Platform Overview

Here you will find all the information to help you get you ready to earn tokens and building with the help of social mining.

Tutorial of the Platform

Here you will find a brief overview of all the functions and pages that social mining has to offer. If you are new, you should check out the sectors below.
How to get started with social mining
Overview of the home dashboard
Adding information into your profile.

How to Earn more Tokens

Here you will learn more about social mining, algorithms involved and how to maximize your monthly payouts. This section provides all the information needed to help you become a grade A community member.
How to earn rewards with the community board.
Monthly Rewards and how to maximize payouts.
How to earn tokens by validating other peoples work.
User Index and its components.

Community Departments

Overview of all the community departments that you will find on the community board. This section will guide you through the community board and explain how you can use your skills to help your ecosystem and get paid.
Overview & examples of how to earn with marketing.
Overview of how to earn tokens with tech & open source development.
Examples of how to earn with business development.
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