Tech & Development

This page will give users some idea about how to get started to earn experience by doing tech work. We will highlight several ways of doing effective posts.

Where to get started?

Good place to start is by connecting your personal GitHub account to the platform. Click Profile and then scroll down until you see the github logo. Click on it and connect your GitHub account.

To get started as a community developer, you will need to join one of the dedicated Tech chats, which are either on Telegram or Discord. Please ask your community admins for the links to those chats.

Collaboration is the key to success

Building anything of value usually requires the collaboration of several people together. Therefore try to get to know the other community developers. Together with others, think what could provide the most long term value for our ecosystem. The question you should be asking yourself is: What should we build that will generate real value for the ecosystem and will make our currency stronger in the long run ?

Examples of Tech Activities Build by Social Mining Communities

Before starting any development side make sure that you are building something that actually provides value to the ecosystem as a whole. Other users will be very generous if they see that your work benefits their stake.

Ledger implementation of LTO Network Mainnet

In this example one of the community developers of LTO applied and integrated the required code to enable ledger integration into the LTO Mainnet.

Staking ROI calculators