User Influence

This section describes the factors that play a role when calculating the user influence index.

What is Influence?

Your influence index presents your position in the DAO compared to the average user. Influence therefore not only takes your numbers into consideration but everybody else's work as well. To increase your influence and also retain it, users need to provide above average value to the ecosystem.

Having an influence of 1 means that the user is exactly average compared to everybody else. Influence of 3 means that user is in the user 75th percentile times better than the average user and influence of 0.5 means that the user is in the lower 25% percentile.

Therefore if your influence fell, it means that the average value that users bring into the ecosystem has increased. In order to receive outstanding work and power in the system users need to continuously outperform other users.

Influence and the leader-board ranking are not a indication of final payments

How is Influence calculated?

Influence users have the power to bring value or harm the DAO, since there is no central oversight influence is given to those users that have the biggest incentive behave in the best interest of the network.

Investor Index (65% of the influence equation)

Large token hodlers have the incentive to direct the DAO to generate high value work in order to increase the value of their own holdings. However if the amount of tokens held, would be the only factor than work would be focused much more short term than long term. Therefore the investor index is weighted 60% based on the amount of held token and 40% on time duration of holding those tokens.


If user A hold 1000 tokens for 15 days and the average user holds 500 tokens for 7 days than user As Investor Index is 2 as he is 2 times performing better than the average user.

Meritocratic Index (30% of the influence equation)

Users that have spent a lot of time working and adding value for the ecosystem show proof that they also have long term interest in the success of the Network. Often, users that have interest in growing the ecosystem cannot add monetary value or come up with the necessary stake to become influential. In order for the DAO not to be a Oligarchic system, the meritocratic users can also become very influential over time.

The meritocratic index is calculated from the reputation and points that users have been given by others for their work in the DAO. Points are given by users that like uploaded content on the platform and reputation is given for generating the highest value work in the ecosystem or leased from one user to another for outstanding work. Over 65% of the meritocratic index is weighted on reputation, therefore users that have earned a lot of reputation over periods of time also have higher influence in the ecosystem.

Additional small weighted factors (5% of the influence equation)

  • Total Points earned for completing social media tasks.

  • Weekly engagement on social media such as telegram, twitter and others.

  • Activity on the community platform.

  • Total amount of up-votes given to other users.

  • Total amount of tokens held.

  • Amount of time that those tokens have been held.

  • Influence of following

  • Activity on social mining