First Time Setup

How to get started?

To get started you will have to first register with a new account at one of the projects that support social mining.

For example at:

Once you have registered, you will encounter a welcome tutorial. You can go through each step or just skip that because you have already been reading through our whole Gitbook ;)

Setting up your account

You are all set up and ready to earn some tokens! To get you started you can follow the on-board tutorial and connect some of your social media accounts to the platform. To help you get started you can connect your Telegram or twitter on the home page.

Dashboard interface

Connect your accounts and get verified

To start and become a community member of a crypto currency ecosystem you will have to select a role from the profile section on the platform. To get started click on the profile icon on the top right corner, next to the notification bell.

If you have a Reddit or Twitter account you can connect those two in the profile section. It's important that you select a profile image. If you already have a telegram account we would recommend that you use the same images as the ones you have on telegram.

Adding your wallet

Social Mining scans block-explorers for tokens every day to make sure that users are staking token. In order for the system to be able to detect these tokens they need to be on a NON-CUSTODIAL WALLET.

That means that users need to hold their own private keys for their tokens if they want to join Social mining. Centralized wallets like exchange wallets or wallets that offer custodianship are not supported.

Optimal wallets for social mining include hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor or cold stage wallets. Always make sure that you have access to your private keys.

Social mining is blockchain agnostic, which means that each project can use different Blockchains.

If you see two options as in the example above, you need to either imput a BEP2 wallet alone or a BEP2 wallet and a ERC20 wallet into the system. Workdrops are distributed to the top wallet, which means that if you do not fill the top wallet you cannot receive any payments.

Recommended Wallets for BEP2: Trust Wallet, Ledger nano

Recommend Wallets for ERC20: Metamask, Ledger nano

Token Scan happens everyday at midnight UTC+1

After you have added your wallet and made sure you hold the required amount of tokens in that wallet, you will have to wait until 00.00 UTC+1 in order for the system to calculate your new influence.

Workdrops are for token holders only! Therefore, users need to hold the minimum required tokens in their dedicated staking wallet. Each Platform has different requirements for the amount of staked tokens. New users can see the current required amount of tokens in the "My Reward Section"

If you hold the required amount of tokens you will see the box turn green as shown below.

First you will need to verify that you own the key to the wallet and secondly all rewards are send to the wallet, that you have entered into the system.