Validator Rewards

You can earn by validating other peoples work. This page will explain how the validation system works and how it helps people to make a decent earning.

What is the Validation System?

To incentive all users to upvote other peoples work, we validate it. 30% of the funds, that a post receives, goes to all the users that upvote the post. Users that are not able to help with earn with creating valuable work, instead are given the option to earn a decent salary by validating other peoples work.

How to maximize my validation rewards?

To put it simply, the more upvotes a post receives, the more rewards will be given to all the validators. Therefore the easiest way to optimize your validation earnings is by upvoting good content and flagging spammy content. Best is to just upvote that which you think will be upvoted by other people as well. To maximize your validation rewards make sure you find content that you think that others will upvote before it has a lot of likes. The earlier you find it and bring it to the top the more rewards will go to you.

Validation Formula

Following Factors play a role in calculating the users validation rewards:

  • Time: Time between posting of a new post and user upvotes. The earlier a user upvotes the post after it is first posted, the more rewards they will receive. 15 hours after a post was posted user upvotes will not result in any more validation rewards.

  • The above graph shows how percentage rewards drop off as time in hours go by. The rewards stay quite stable in the first 4 hours but then drop off fairly quickly. The reason for this is, that validators are users who find good content from all the spam that is created and upvote it to the top. Once good content is on the top elected validators and influential users can upvote that content easily.

  • User influence and voting power: The more you upvote a post the more you will receive from the total validator rewards. Users upvoting power depends on their influence within the system you can find how to increase your influence under User Index.

  • To maximize validation rewards a user can upvote 10 posts with 100% upvoting power every day. To maximize those rewards, users should find the highest quality project and upvote them with 100% of their power.

  • Increasing up-voting power with successful validation: As user points are a large part of the user index formula, continuous good behavior, when upvoting or flagging content, will result in higher rewards over time.

Tips to maximize your Rewards:

  • Try to upvote the post with more power than other users.

  • Try to find good content early before other users have found it.

  • Flag spammy content, that you think others would flag as well.

  • The team can feature other peoples work. By looking at the currently featured worth validators can have an idea what work they should upvote.

  • Try to upvote content that elected members of the community will features.

  • Upvote content that is likely to be upvoted by elected validators. Such work is usually things that has a beneficial impact on the ecosystem and the token price.