Business Development

How to earn more tokens by helping with Business Development

How to get started?

In every community you can find dedicated community chat rooms that focus on tech, marketing or business development. Ask the community or the admins that you would like to be added into these groups.

From there you will can get together with other people from the community and the team and think how to improve the business relationships with other companies and chains.

Examples of great Business Development Activities

Creation and translation of high quality

In this example community members of LTO Network generated and translated client sales decks into 7 different languages which were later used to on-board new clients.

Sharing and engaging on LinkedIn

Users that have already build up a LinkedIn presence have the perfect opportunity with social mining to earn additional tokens for high quality projects by sharing project based content to their peers on LinkedIn.

Reaching out to other projects/DAPPs or Media Partners

Any community member can help by just reaching out to others in their network that can be beneficial the the ecosystem. Anybody can talk to their local Telegram influencers and ask them for an AMA or podcast. Anybody can go to mass media pages and ask for guest articles on their chain.

Reaching out to other people or simply wearing a branded T-shirt at conferences already helps the ecosystem. Be creative with your outreach.