Twitter Marketing

How to improve your Twitter Skills and gain more rewards!

Automated Social media Marketing

To get started, connect your Twitter account to the platform. Click the round profile Icon in the right corner of the screen and then connect your twitter account. Once ready, you can claim your first points by simply following the official twitter account.

How to earn Points & Reputation with Twitter

Once you have earned your first points by following the official Twitter account connected to the platform you can start your journey to becoming a Twitter Influencer! At DAO Maker we want to help our users to gain new skills and grow. In order to maximize your earnings, you need to constantly try and improve yourself. Do not worry, there is a huge community that will help you.

In order to earn your first points you will have to follow the instructions on the twitter page of social mining. The requirements change on a daily basis, however usually it request either to include a specific #hashtag or a @mention as well as a HTTP link.

Follow the instructions shown on the platform and post your tweet. Great! Now you have to wait.

The system will evaluate how people are interacting with your tweet and grade the quality of your tweet after 72 hours. We want to give each tweet enough time to find its full potential.

After the 72 hour period you will see the results of your tweet on your personal dashboard. Here you can see all the information regarding your tweets and retweets. You will be able to see how many points you have earned for that tweet, the total amount of engagements as well as informing you on earned or lost reputation.

If your tweet is considered to be very good you will earn additional reputation, which gives your the permission to tweet more often. If your tweet is considered harmful or spammy you will lose reputation. If you lose too much reputation you will no longer be allowed to tweet.

My Tweets Overview

How to earn more points for my tweets?

The algorithm that determines how many points you get per tweet is constantly updated and improved. However, the general rule is: Try to create organic creative tweets and you will earn the most.

Generating your own new content for your tweets increases your chance of earning additional reputation, which will boost your payouts at the end of the period.

How to earn points by Retweeting

Simply go to the official Twitter account in the platform and daily like and Retweet the content there. Points will automatically show on your dashboard after midnight GMT + 1.

Tips & Tricks

Unique text is very important for us. Besides escaping the infinite root of spammy tweets we want the user to spend his fair time with the tweet and fully deserve the reward. Accounts that are created only to farm airdrop, bounty campaigns or giveaways are not taken seriously by other fellow crypto users nor by the twitter algorithm, therefore we are punishing those accounts.

Each tweet should include unique text and proper (trending) hashtags. Besides hashtags that are required from the platform, include trending ones on a topic that you are tweeting about, use this website (Hashtag should have above 50 hourly mentions) to check if the hashtag that you want to include is trending.

If you are tweeting about DeFi, tag people that are interested in that topic. We suggest you focus on smaller influencers rather than big ones since the big ones are having close to non conversion rates. That means they will most likely not engage with the tweet, this means you need to be smart, while tagging people. Make sure the user is interested in a topic that you are tweeting about and tag people that are having a close number of followers to you or just slightly above yours.

Examples of good Tweets