Description and overview of the Home Dashboard for social mining

The Dashboard is the first page you will see when you log into social mining. Here you will find information on the most trending work, requests that the team has made, latest news from the project and you most recent activities.

Recent Actives

Recent activity will show you how much you have earned on your latest posts and for validation activities. Learn more about earning points with community tasks or for validating other peoples work.

In the trending section of the dashboard you will find the most popular work other people have done. From here you can directly up vote, tip work or even create your own work.

Team Requests

The Team requests helps the project team to give the community an idea what they need help with. The team can create tasks in the back end which will be displayed here on the dashboard. complete work that was requested by the team has a higher chance of being featured by the team and therefore being upvoted by more users and have a higher chance of being found by elected validators.

User Information

The next field contains all the information about the current user. The user can earn reputation and points through validating and creating new work for the community. At the beginning each user can select a specific role that they will hold within the community. Over time the user can level their own position in the ecosystem, by completing more tasks.