Description of all features in the profile section of Social mining

Connect your accounts and get verified

To start to become a community member of a crypto currency ecosystem you will have to select a role from the profile section on the platform. To get started click on the profile icon on the top right corner next to the notification bell.

If you have a Reddit or twitter account you can connect those two in the profile section, its important that you select a profile image. If you already have a telegram account we would recommend that you use the same images as the one you have on telegram.

Adding a wallet

Make sure that you add a wallet to which you own the private key to. In order to participate into social mining you will need to hold at least $50 USD worth of tokens. Please connect a wallet that holds at least $50 USD worth of tokens into the platform. Do not try to attempt to add a wallet that you do not own.

First you will need to verify that you own the key to the wallet and secondly all rewards will sent to the wallet that you have entered into the system.