Community Board

The community board is the main area that community members use to earn reputation and points for completing tasks. The board displays all the work the community has done in the past 48 hours.

The C-Board Overview

The Purpose of the community board is to create a incentive loop for users to generate and validate work that can be mutual beneficial to the entire ecosystem. The board is built upon the theory that does investors that do more work should be rewarded more than others for their work.

What should be uploaded to the board?

The board is a place that helps you present your work to the rest of the community, so that others can reward you for your work. Such work can include: In-depth articles on project specific areas uploaded to famous websites such as hackernoon, designs for new Block-explores, Blockchain APIs and other work that assists developer adoption of the chain, managing a language channel, building new Dapps on the projects. In general any work that can help increase the fundamental value of the ecosystem.

To see more detailed examples click here.

Community Board Overview

How the C-Board Works

The board consists of two main features: The creators and the corresponding validators. To start earning points and reputation with the C-Board click the edit button in the lower right corner.

Creating your first Piece of work

The Community board is structured into 3 main community departments. Marketing, Tech & Business Development. If you are a social media influencers and have generated some cool infographics on the project and have shared these to to your community, screenshot your work, describe what you have done and add links to prove that you are the owner of the graphics and those accounts. The more prove you show, the more payouts you will receive. You can find more examples below.

When you start writing about your work, the first thing you need to do is to label your work:

Select work catagory

The title of your post should convey in the most simple way what you have done for the ecosystem and why everyone should care. Remember to optimize your payouts its important to make everybody else understand why your work helps them.

Once you selected a category and a title it;s time to describe your work. To help you getting started we created 3 example posts for each category.

Marketing & Influencers

How to get started with social mining

Tech & Development

Example of article for tech & development.

Marketing & Influencers

Detailed Example of a Task for Marketing Purposes.

Business Development

Example of articles explaining Business Development Work